Fabulous Sleeping Beauty Spinning Wheel

Fabulous Sleeping Beauty Spinning Wheel

Headphones recommended this is a scene from the 1959 disney film sleeping beauty in which rose her real name is aurora pricks her finger on the spindle o. As technology changed from spindle to wheel the story kept pricked and left off of what.

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The spinning wheel plays a major role in the classic 1959 animated disney movie sleeping beauty because it is used by maleficent to cause her curse on princess aurora to be completed.

Sleeping beauty spinning wheel. Since maleficent was not invited to the baby s christening she cast an evil spell upon aurora that before the sun sets on her 16th birthday she would prick. Initially only the saxony style sleeping beauty was made but in the mid 1970s in response to requests for a small portable wheel the thumbelina was created. Numerous variations of the tale exist the brothers grimm had one in their.

The original story predates the spinning wheel as we think of it today and versions of the story printed up into the early 20th century even typically said that sleeping beauty pricked her finger on a spindle. The spinning wheel imagery became mo. The spinning wheel is never mentioned or seen ever again but it is most likely that the spinning wheels were allowed back into the human kingdom since the curse had been broken.

I am a folk tale lover and am thinking the tale that became sleeping beauty may have originated before wheels and so it was a piece of fiber a spindle or a distaff she poked herself with in the beginning. Another folk tale that incorporates spinning wheels is the classic fairy tale sleeping beauty in which the main character pricks her hand or finger on the poisoned spindle of a spinning wheel and falls into a deep sleep following a wicked fairy or witch s curse. It was based on a polish double drive wheel and made like the sleeping beauty wheels from treated tawa an attractive new zealand native timber.

That is my amateur theory anyway. In sleeping beauty maleficent puts a spell on the spinning wheel to lure in aurora so the she pricks herself.

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