Startling Beautiful Cats Breeds British Shorthair

Startling Beautiful Cats Breeds British Shorthair

But when the romans eventually left the british shorthair descendants stayed behind. British shorthair cat breed origin history.

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The romans often had them on their ships to take care of rodents.

Beautiful cats breeds british shorthair. The british shorthair is one of the oldest english cat breeds around. British shorthairs easily get attached with family members. British shorthairs are medium to large sturdy cats.

The origins of the british shorthair most likely date back to the first century ad making it one of the most ancient identifiable cat breeds in the world. They also get along well with other pets. It is thought that the invading romans.

The medium sized british shorthair cats are extremely affectionate and calm. The devon rex is a highly affectionate british breed with big ears a small stature and a short curly coat. Females up to 12 pounds 6kg coat.

Males up to 17 pounds 8kg desexed males can grow even larger. Unlike some other pedigreed british cat breeds the lineage of the devon rex can t be traced to distinct breeding efforts. This cat breed was imported britain from egypt in the 1st century a d.

The dense and short coat of british shorthair cats come in black blue white red cream silver and gold colors. It s hard to ignore this adorable breed which is one of two curly haired varieties to come out of england. See more ideas about cats british shorthair and crazy cats.

British shorthair cats are sometimes called the british blue because that is the most commonly found colour but the shorthair comes in many colours and patterns. It was brought to britain when the romans invaded. Nov 19 2016 explore foxybeads s board british shorthair cats followed by 1260 people on pinterest.

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