Keen Amstaff American Staffordshire Beautiful Dogs

Keen Amstaff American Staffordshire Beautiful Dogs

The show strain was labelled the american staffordshire. The american staffordshire terrier is a medium sized muscular short coated breed whose ancestors were actually used in blood sports such as dog fighting.

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Today the american staffordshire is a people oriented family dog that thrives when given love and affection by his family members.

Amstaff american staffordshire beautiful dogs. Now recognized as a separate breed the american staffordshire is larger and heavier than his british cousin the staffordshire bull terrier. The american staffordshire terrier is a beautiful and powerful dog his history has been marred by abuse and his temperament was questionable. History one of the world s best known american staffordshire terriers was pete who starred in the popular 1930s television program the little rascals and was.

Yes he can run around. The modern american staffordshire terrier also known as the amstaff is highly desired as a companion dog for its love devotion and reliability especially with children. Aug 29 2014 the amstaff a cross between the old english bulldog and one or more terriers was truly made in america originally known as the staffordshire terrier american was added to the names to avoid confusion with their british counterpart the staffordshire bull terrier.

An athletic energetic dog such as the american staffordshire terrier requires a lot of exercise. Leaving the dog out in the yard all day is not the right approach however. Among their ancestors we find the english bulldog the black and tan terrier the fox terrier or the white english terrier.

After dog fighting was banned in the united states in 1900 two strains of these dogs were developed a show strain and a fighting dog strain. The american staffordshire terrier makes an excellent watchdog and protector as well as a good natured companion. Friendly and loyal to his own family the american staffordshire can sometimes be standoff ish towards other.

See more ideas about pitbulls dogs beautiful dogs. The american staffordshire terrier or amstaff is a dog originally from the english region of staffordshire. Sep 19 2017 explore suzette galyean s board amstaff terrier on pinterest.

May 14 2013 explore rohitkulkarni29 s board my dream dog american staffordshire terrier on pinterest. Male female american staffordshire terrier dog name ideas maximus teddy ginger storm rain jasmine dixie maggie brandy tzar baruch nathan jett noah zurie riley harley belle zima cooper caesar gracie roxy hannah rave duke sammy cleo. See more ideas about american staffordshire terrier pitbulls bully breeds.

Later this breed was popularized in the usa where they developed a heavier and more muscular variety than the english. Since that time the much maligned amstaff has evolved into a docile and loving family pet. See more ideas about staffordshire terrier american staffordshire terrier terrier.

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